Monday, April 14


I love Pinterest! Who doesn't?! Pinspiration is a regular post where I can share with my readers what has been inspiring me lately. You can find my Pinterest profile here
My brother-in-law is getting married in October and I'm super excited and honored to be bridesmaid in the wedding. This is my first time being a bridesmaid EVER! The bride, my future sister-in-law Lisa, is letting us do what we want with our hair and makeup, so I've been searching for some pretty hairstyles. I'm almost convinced I want an up-do, since my hair isn't insanely long and it'll most likely get annoying after half the night. So far, I'm super in love with the top right hairstyle!
In case you didn't know, I always have been completely smitten over fashion. I'm always looking for new fashion inspiration. Someone I have been just LOVING lately is Rachael Bilson. She has a super cute style that looks effortless and she always looks flawless. Here's just a few of my fav styles from her. LOVE!
And finally, I have been realizing more and more lately that I am so attracted to minimalist scrapbook pages. Pages that have just a few photos and embellishments, with the focus being primarily on the story. LOVE! I struggle so much with creating scrapbook pages and I think I may have pinpointed why. So, I've been looking at lots of minimilist scrapbook pages as inspiration, to carry this over to my projects. These three are just gorgeous!

You can find all of the original links on my Pinterest boards.  What have you been pinning lately? Leave your profile in my comments so I can follow you!

xoxo, Kelster Jean

Sunday, April 13

Currently: 4.13.14

Currently List 4.13.14

The Currently journaling challenge was created by rukristin as a way tell your story "right now."  I have decided to play along in an attempt to document what's going on in my life right now.  Follow along with me as I share my Currently list from week to week.  Wanna play along?  Check out rukristin's blog for more info and to download/purchase your Currently cards!

Currently: 04.13.14

This is my first card created and I'm excited to start this new project!  I really wanted to start the Currently challenge because I want to make it a point to record more of my everydays.  I have been thinking and learning alot the last few weeks about how I record and document memories AND how I want to record and document memories.  I'm realizing that I don't do nearly enough of documenting our everydays as much as I want to, so hopefully this will help!

This week, my hubby has been working like crazy!  He is starting one of several busy seasons at his job and it has been mighty stressful.  I feel like I have hardly seen ANY OF HIM lately!  Luckily, he only had to work a half day yesterday, so we spent some much-needed quality time together at night.  He's starting to get the itch to go fishing and is looking forward to some days off to prep his fishing gear.  We are so happy spring is around we can't even stand it!  The sounds of birds chirping, kids playing, and dogs barking (including our own, who never stops...) puts a big smile on my face.

What are you enjoying this week?

Kelster Jean

Sunday, April 6

april happenings!

Hello April
My Grandma's plum tree in her backyard-taken several years ago.
April, I'm excited for you!  January and February were a little rough for us.  March, we started getting back on track.  And now I'm excited!  Some great things are going to happen in April!  Here's some things going on and some intentions for April.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Start Spanish lessons with Rosetta Stone.
  • Send out long-overdue snail mail.
  • Dabble in some new projects.
  • Launch new blogs.
  • Hangouts and meet-ups.

I've got a number of things going on this month that are getting me all riled up.  I've already started my spring cleaning by purging clothes and memorabilia.  I have too much of both.  I was inspired by Caroline Joy's new Un-Fancy blog and immediately went through my closet.  It was so refreshing!  My Dad also generously gave me his copy of Rosetta Stone Spanish to brush up on my Espanol.  Now to figure out which day of the week to fit it in.

Other amazing things going on this month are trying some new projects, including Project Life (my first time!) and Currently, inspired by rukristin.  I'm also finally revealing that I am in the process of building a new blog!  I'm super super excited for this and can't wait to launch it.  It's been in the works for over a month now and I'm just ready to get it running!  That's almost as exciting as the last thing on my list.  Heather Sweet, the amazing lady I share Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenges with, and I will be meeting up at the end of April for a scrapbook class taught by Ms. Teresa Collins herself!  Not only am I excited because this is the first time Heather and I will be meeting in person, but I am a mega huge fan of Teresa Collins and cannot wait to meet her!

So that's all the excitement around here.  Do you have anything big going on in April?

Kelster Jean 


Friday, April 4

Sneak Peek for Practical Scrappers: Easter cards!

Easter cards-close-up

Hello dearies! Even though I already posted once this morning, I wanted to drop in again and let you know that I'm sharing two Easter cards over at Practical Scrappers! I had so much fun playing along with pastels and, of course, bunny-themed products! (Because let's face it, since I am a fur Mom to two buns, I love EVERY excuse to use bunny products!) I hope you will go check out what me and some of the other talented girls created! I'll share the full reveal on my blog tomorrow.

Kelster Jean

Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenge: And I "Quote!"

Hello dearies!  Heather and I are back for another Just Two Midwest Girls scrap challenge.  Are you enjoying having a whole month to complete the challenge?  I know I always love having more time since I am a slow scrapbooker!  Anywho, before we get to this month's challenge, let's announce our winner.  Our winner is: Heather Adams!!  She created a super cute layout full of color for our challenge.  Go check it out!  Heather, make sure you email Heather Sweet at to claim your Studio Calico goodies!

Could you guess from the title what our challenge is this month?  Well, it's none other than using a quote!!!  I must admit, I'm a little obsessed with quotes.  And ever since I joined Pinterest, it is probably my #1 pinned category.  (Check out my Pinterest board, Words to Live By).  I guess I just love quotes because they can sum up my life, how I'm feeling, and motivate me, all at the same time.

For my project this week, I created my first art journaling page ever!  (And funnily enough, Heather created an art journal page for her project too!)  I have been DYING to try art journaling.  I really got interested in art journaling last year when my anxiety was at an all-time high.  It would be so bad I literally would make myself sick.  So I began looking for ways to control my anxiety.  While therapy did help greatly, I wanted a creative outlet where I could be messy and imperfect and not worry how things looked.  Just let go and create.  So I've been gathering supplies and here is my first page!

The quote that I used for my art journal page I first saw here.  I fell in love with this quote immediately because I like to write.  And I write hard and clear about what hurts.  (Again, why I love quotes.  Just pretty much sums it up right there!)  Originally, I wanted to create a a frame using this quote to hang up somewhere, but then I realized that I wanted it to be somewhere more private, not out in the open where people could see it if they come visit.  So, I dreamed up my first art journaling page!  I loved the typewriter font of the original quote, so I carried that over to my project.

This weekend, I am going to record a video describing my process for this page, so I won't describe it all here.  It would honestly be waayy too boring to read all that, anyways.  So look out for that this weekend!

Challenge:  So again, your challenge for this month is to create a project using a quote!  Here's how you can play along!
  • Create a new project using a quote!
  • Link up your project in the comments below or into the comments on Heather's blog.  You an also link up to our Facebook page!
  • This challenge will close on Thursday, May 1 at 8:00 p.m. (CST).
Prize:  Here's a look at this month's prize!  It's a paper kit from the Teresa Collins Memorabilia collection.  It includes 9 sheets of 12x12 paper and one 12x12 double-sided die cut sheet!  We hope you'll play along for a chance to win this pretty kit!

Coming soon:  And now, before I sign off, I just have one more announcement.  After much discussion, Heather and I have decided to create a separate blog for the Just Two Midwest Girls Scrap Challenges, which will launch next month with our next challenge!  We thought that hosting a challenge on two blogs may be a bit confusing and we really want to make it easy for you, our readers, to play along!  What does this mean for the future?  Well, it simply means that all of our future Just Two Midwest Girls challenges will be posted on this new blog, so make sure you follow along!  In case you miss it though, we will still share information about our projects on our respective blogs.  And we will still have our Facebook page for you to link up there!  We hope this will be easier for our readers and encourage you all to play along every month!

Kelster Jean

Tuesday, April 1

Our birthiversary.

This love.
This photo: circa 2012.
Today is our birthiversary, as Alex has now donned it.  I call it our Triple Threat: Alex's birthday, our wedding anniversary, and (of course) April Fool's Day (which we really don't partake in, so who cares).  So birthiversary probably is the proper word for our day.  I am completely in awe that it has been three years since we stood outside on a cold and snowy April 1st for the shortest wedding ceremony ever.  In our black wedding attire, and my black veil with my black flowers.  It was the most perfect wedding day!

And can't forget this guy's 28th birthday!  I honestly don't know what I did in another life to deserve him, but I am thankful everyday.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like without him, but I can't even imagine it, nor do I even want to think about it for a second.  We are lucky enough to both have off this night, so we are spending it together.  Maybe at a dinner or over a glass of wine.  Maybe just cuddling in bed.  Who knows?  But the best part is that we get to spend it together.  Just the two of us.

Love like crazy or not at all

And I wanted to write tons of sappy things about how great he is and how much he means to me, but I usually tend to save that for my scrapbooks.  So instead, I will tell you the story of the photo above.  I almost didn't want to share this photo because it is so personal to me.  But I wanted to show our love.  This was taken on a stressful weekend.  When the roof collapsed on our old apartment building and we had only a few days to move to a new place.  It was one of those packing and movings where you just start throwing stuff in unmarked boxes and "we'll figure out later what it is.This was one of our most stressful times.  But in this moment, when we just collapsed on the bed with exhaustion (and without bed sheets I might add!), my camera was sitting on the bed facing us, and we just decided to snap a few.  And Alex didn't argue or fight me on it.  He just went with it.  And this photo was taken.  No make-up, no dress-up or hair prettiness, just me and him...and our love.  Our love for each other that gets us through every tough situation.  Our love that says "Hold my hand real tight and we'll get through this together."  Like always.

And this is the way we try to live our lives together every day.  And even though I know you don't read my blog, happy anniversary baby.  And happy birthday!  I love you every day, forevermore.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Kelster Jean

Sunday, March 30

Shine beautiful soul.

Yesterday I shared a simple and pretty heart banner I created for my sister.  When I presented it to her last weekend, I asked her to model it and take a few snapshots.  Just silliness, of course.  But it was super fun directing her on which poses to take.  (Maybe this is the beginning of a career for me?  Probably not, but it was fun to play around).  Here's some of the snapshots we took.

I LOVE these photos that show the beautiful side of my sister, inside and out.  Despite her trials and tribulations she is going through at the moment, her beautiful soul smiles and shines.  When our Grandma passed in February, she moved back home to Illinois for good.  Looking at these remind me of how happy I am to have her home.

Kelster Jean